Höfert Italia is proud to announce its first 35 years of activity. Thanks to a solid background, very high quality standards and continuous research and innovation, Höfert is synonymous of guarantee in the production of O-rings and technical items.

The history of Höfert Italia is linked to its parent company ALWIN Höfert Co., established more than 50 years ago; over the years the company has developed and accumulated technical skills and know-how and has become a leading company in the field of production and marketing of industrial gaskets and technical rubber items.

Established in 1963, AHH has expanded until becoming one of the most renowned enterprises with high performances, technical know-how and innovation capabilities. At present AHH has consolidated its activities with a modern and constant production system ensuring top quality products.
The facilities are located in the northern outskirts of Hamburg and AHH operates in close cooperation with all production areas and lines in Italy.

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